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Bring your club to the next level.

Our Services.

Fitsales provides high quality sales training and business coaching for fitness professionals to build their businesses. We detect and overcome what is holding your business back from reaching its full potential.


Train your staff the right way to skyrocket your sales.


Be guided by an expert who sees your situation from a different perspective.


Having difficulties overcoming certain problems? Ask an expert for advice.


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About Us.

Starting off as a fitness coach, the founder of Fitsales was passionate about coaching people to a new level of mental- and physical fitness. While training hundreds of people and managing different clubs, he soon came to realise the importance of a solid sales process within the clubs.

Over the years he gathered experience and studied everything there is to know about maximizing sales, boosting client retention and managing a healthy fitness business.

Until today it is still his mission to get as much people as possible to start exercising. But this time he expands his reach by helping fitness clubs attract more people and teach them how to have a happy, sweaty customer.


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    John Smith
    Gym Owner
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    James Gordon
    Happiness Manager